Epicatechin, really provides performance and athletic benefits

Published: admin | Format: 2017-02-04

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Epicatechin is quite a beneficial flavonol, found in foods already generally recognized as healthy. It has been shown to even regenerate muscle tissue which is very important when trying to put on muscle mass, thus giving you the ability to get back to the gym sooner. Epicatechin also has the ability to increase blood flow due to its ability to stimulate nitric oxide production, leading to aforementioned cardiovascular benefits.

Benefits of Epicatechin

Increase muscle growth and strength

Improve muscle endurance

Increase blood flow and nitric oxide

Improve insulin sensitivity

Lower cholesterol

Improve blood pressure


Epicatechin has the unique ability to elevate NO levels by inhibiting processes that break NO down, which keep your NO levels elevated for longer periods of time and bringing the benefits of athletic and cardiovascular benefits along with it.

Epicatechin has the ability to increase muscle strength and size. Supplementing with epicatechin can promote lean mass and improve muscular endurance. The studies suggest that epicatechin is highly effective at maintaining those levels of endurance even after epicatechin supplementation discontinues. It can induce an integrated response that includes structural and metabolic changes in skeletal and cardiac muscles resulting in greater endurance capacity.

Epicatechin also helps to elevate natural thermogenesis. Though the mechanism behind its thermogenic properties isn't fully understood, it's likely due to increased muscular aerobic metabolism.

Epicatechin can enhances mitochondrial function and activity as well. By promoting mitochondrial activity, epicatechin can combat muscular fatigue. This allows you to run farther or lift heavier with greater ease.

Epicatechin helps inhibit Myostatin, which is the protein that causes muscle atrophy. It can decrease myostatin levels and increases follistatin levels. Efficacy of the anabolic properties of epicatechin may be higher in individuals of an advanced age.

In other aspects, epicatechin also can upregulate the expression of genes associated with memory and learning as well. Epicatechin can, over time, increase cell density in the dentate gyrus to attenuate this occurrence.

It’s actually quite amazing that Epicatechin is just now starting to catch on in the supplement for muscle growth and atrophy prevention. Epicatechin is a truly unique supplement that has the ability to naturally boost health and performance, and we believe this is only the beginning of a nice little revolution in the nutrition and supplement industries.


Tips & Date

One study backs the above claim, with the epicatechin group showing a 25% improvement in visual memory recognition speed compared to the control group.

Epicatechin concentration in plasma by 2 h after ingestion of 80-g semisweet chocolate amounts 0.25 μM.

Epicatechins can improve blood pressure, especially when systolic blood pressure is above 130 mmHg.

Fed the EC with high-fat diet, the mice’s cholesterol reduced by 38% than the control group in 7 days.

Treated with 1.5mg/d EC, the mice’s AS and R-CHD which in experimental group are 2.8 times of the control group after 7 days.

21% the capillary resistance of human body was reduced by taking 100mg EC after 27 hours.

The free radical oxidation resistance of EC is 25 times of the vitamin C, 10 times of the vitamin E, and absorbed quickly and completely. It can reach the highest blood concentration after taking orally 20 minutes later.


Safety & Dosage

Epicatechin is a natural product so side effects are rare if any. So far there have been no reported side effects of using Epicatechin.

In order to experience maximum anabolic effects, Epicatechin products should be cycled for 8 weeks at a minimum of 200 mg daily.



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