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In Depth Explore Into D-Aspartic Acid and N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid

DAA carries out most of its function by converting to N-Methyl-D-Aspartic acid (NMDA) in the presence of NMDA synthetase which is present in rats and many other animals. NMDA, a well-known activator of NMDA receptor, is estimated to be 100 times more potent than DAA in stimulating the NMDA receptor. When the two excitatory amino acids of NMDA and DAA are used in combine, rather than compete with each other, they work synergistically and the endocrine stimulating effect is almost doubled.

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Tomatidine, A steroidal compound protects against muscle atrophy

Tomatidine is a steroidal alkaloid and the aglycone of α- tomatine, an abundant glycoalkaloid in tomato plants that mediates plant defense against fungi, bacteria, viruses, and predatory insects. When consumed by animals, α- tomatine is hydrolyzed by stomach acid and intestinal bacteria to tomatidine, which is absorbed by the gut[1] and performs as a bioactive compound in vivo.

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BHB, promote osteoblast proliferation, also for osteoblast differentiation

Recent studies on the role of a pair of cells found that BHB can not only promote osteoblast proliferation, but also for osteoblast differentiation (such as alkaline phosphatase activity, the formation of calcified nodules, osteoblast differentiation index ) Have a certain stimulating effect. BHB can also inhibit the apoptosis of osteoblasts induced by serum-starved culture. This evidence strongly supports the role of BHB in the promotion of bone formation and suggests that BHB may have potential applications in bone repair and osteoporosis.

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Halofuginone, important discoveries in mautoimmune disorders and muscle fibrosi

Chang shan is a medicinal herb that has been used for well over 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of malaria. Its popularity has dwindled as the popular Artemisinin herb has replaced much of its use. However, it has recently been discovered that Chang shan has a selective suppressive effect on the immune system.halofuginone, a compound derived from this extract’s bioactive ingredient, has been the focus of many other studies in the past, too. In a previous one, scientists found that halofuginone could block harmful immune cells from developing, which could be promising in treating autoimmune disorders. some findings also demonstrate the enhancing effect of halofuginone on muscle-cell survival on the one hand, and fibroblast apoptosis on the other, suggesting an additional mechanism for halofuginone's improved effect on histopathology and muscle functions

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